[Systems] Cannot log in to treehouse (was: Re: [Systems-logs] treehouse.sugarlabs.org: Munin alert)

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-reply-to-2010-4 at silbe.org
Mon Dec 27 05:54:02 EST 2010

Excerpts from Bernie Innocenti's message of Sun Dec 26 21:00:30 +0100 2010:

> Dec 26 07:21:04 treehouse sshd[30236]: error: RSA_public_decrypt failed: error:0407006A:lib(4):func(112):reason(106)

I've seen similar errors in cron spam (some authorized_keys checker
script). Maybe some OpenSSH upgrade broke parsing of certain RSA keys?

> The key installed in your account is:
>  Sascha Silbe (key for Sugar build infrastructure)

That's the one I've been using for ages, both from my desktop and my
XO. I'm running Debian Squeeze on both (amd64 on the desktop, i386 on
the XO), so it could be a client-side breakage as well.

> Logging into my account works fine. Come on IRC if you want to diagnose it together.

I'm in the midst of "christmas" (i.e. visiting various members of my
family), so I probably won't have enough continuous time while connected
to the internet to join you on IRC, sorry.


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