[Systems] Launch of SomosAzucar.Org Website

Sebastian Silva sebastian at somosazucar.org
Tue Apr 27 13:33:28 EDT 2010

I am happy to report, that finally we are content with our
web effort at http://somosazucar.org/ .
We will be tweaking the graphic design details, translations
and adding content, that we are working on openly at
http://etherpad.com/indice ).

Its done in Wordpress with few plugins.

I´m particularly proud of our social stream section on
the right, which pulls "dents" from
http://identi.ca/group/somosazucar identi.ca group
and our very own status.net instance (hosted by status.net):
http://somosazucar.status.net/ which I intend to use
in our planned expedition across the nearly finished
inter-oceanic road that crosses the Amazon into Brasil
and Bolivia.

Expedition you say? Yes, but we are still tweaking the
details and funding, plus a possible donation of some 80

See you in today's #treehouse meeting!

Sebastian Silva
"Te imaginas si te pudieran enseñar sólo a leer pero no a escribir??"
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