[Systems] [Tecnologia] Mirrorbrain: mod_asn enabled

Peter Pöml peter at poeml.de
Thu Apr 22 21:15:14 EDT 2010


Am 23.04.2010 um 02:37 schrieb Raúl Gutiérrez Segalés:

> On Thu, 2010-04-22 at 19:42 -0400, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
>> Today I debugged a mirrorbrain issue with the invaluable help of Peter
>> Pöml.
> Great! Thanks for the help Peter!

You are very welcome!

>> Our ASN database was empty. I primed it and added a cronjob to refresh
>> it weekly. I've also enabled mod_asn in Apache, which should improve IP
>> to mirror matching.
> Why was it empty? It's entries are deleted if they are not refreshed?

There was a bug in the past where mod_asn would not work with libapr 1.2 (contrary to 1.3, due to different semantics in database row access). The bug was fixed a while ago, but that might have been a reason why mod_asn was disabled. 

On the other hand, I must note that with only a handful mirrors there is usually no benefit in using mod_asn at all. Unless the distribution of the user base and the distribution of the mirrors is close to one another, below the resolution level of GeoIP (country). 

And in your case, mod_asn is actually very useful because it can make sure that mirrors.paraguayeduca.org gets only the requests from a narrow scope (its prefix), and at the same time it makes sure that the clients coming from that network are not redirected to another mirror in the same country (if there is one).

>> We've found a bug in prefix comparisons which affects our
>> mirrors.paraguayeduca.org configuration. Peter is working on a fix.
> Link to the ticket/bug?


Since I'm in the middle of a "big" MirrorBrain release, I'm now adding the fix on top of it. As a result, you would have to upgrade to the newest version to get it. I'm happy to see that you actually run the latest version of everything, and maybe you are not opposed to upgrade to the next version. Despite a lot of new features that I put into it I don't expect any instabilities. (The code runs at download.openoffice.org since a few weeks already, and at my own little setups.) 

Having said that, the fix is small enough to be easily backported to the latest released version as well, if you see reason to not upgrade. :-)

Thank you very much!

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