[Systems] atlantis.develer.com serving stale sugarlabs.{net, org} zones

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-ui-sugar-systems at silbe.org
Sat Apr 10 17:31:29 EDT 2010


We're having an issue with several of the SugarLabs domains:
The root servers serve a stale glue record containing for 
ns1.codewiz.org, whereas all authoritative namservers for codewiz.org 
give out
Unfortunately atlantis.develer.com ( seems to have been a 
slave for our domains before and still serves an outdated copy of our 
zones when asked about them. So about one third of DNS requests for our 
domains will encounter stale records... :-/

Long story short: Please configure atlantis.develer.com not to answers 
requests for the following domains: ole.org olenepal.org pustakalaya.org 
somosazucar.com somosazucar.net somosazucar.org sugarlabs.net 

CU Sascha

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