[Systems] IPv6 for treehouse

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Wed Sep 30 00:52:39 EDT 2009

El Tue, 29-09-2009 a las 23:42 -0400, Bernie Innocenti escribió:
> treehouse is now globally reachable on IPv6 through 6to4.

The VMs hosted on treehouse are using 6to4 too.

> sunjammer's new host cloud6.fsf.org seems to be filtering 6to4. packets.
> Tomorrow I'll bother my office mates.
> The 6to4 default router for bender has stopped routing (replies "host
> unreachable" all the itme).  I reverted to sixxs.net for the time being.

Now it works.  I was just missing the default route clause in the Fedora
setup scripts.

> IPv6 is still such an unreliable mess :-)

...but hopefully it will get better and better over time.

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