[Systems] Fwd: [Question #82370]: Any way to allow posting privileges to any member of a set of lists?

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3rd try (ugh)

Bernie asked me to forward this to systems.  It seems it isn't as
crazy an idea as I thought...

Bill Bogstad

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Subject: Fwd: [Question #82370]: Any way to allow posting privileges
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Subject: [Question #82370]: Any way to allow posting privileges to any
member of a set of lists?

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New question #82370 on GNU Mailman:

So, there is an free software project (SugarLabs) which has a number
of lists managed by Mailman.
Occasionally someone will post to multiple lists simultaneously on a
topic that crosses boundaries (lists) within the project.  Sometimes I
want to respond and select reply to all so everyone who saw the
original note will see my response.
The result is a bunch of 'held for moderation messages' because I'm
not subscribed to every list on the site.
As a personal workaround, I've figured out that I COULD subscribe to
all the lists and just set 'no delivery' on the ones
that I don't want to read.  This will let everyone who saw the
original message see my response.  It will not, however, allow me to
see responses from people who aren't subscribed the lists I actually
do read.

What would be nice is if there was some way to configure Mailman so a
site admin could specify a set  of lists such that if an address is
subscribed to any of them then it can post to all of them.   This
would be kind of like the 'implicitly approved people' list option,
but would be done automatically for a set of lists.

Is there any way to get this functionality in any current version of
Mailman or is this a feature request?

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From: Mark Sapiro <question82370 at answers.launchpad.net>
Date: Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 11:05 AM
To: bogstad at pobox.com

Your question #82370 on GNU Mailman changed:
   Status: Open => Answered

Mark Sapiro proposed the following answer:
Suppose you have list1, list2, ..., listn. If you put @list2, ...,
@listn in list1's accept_these_nonmembers, @list1, @list3, ... @listn in
list2's accept_these_nonmembers and so on, any member of any of the
lists will be able to post to all the lists.

If you're concerned about the resulting duplicates that members of
multiple lists will receive, you can add list to list2's
regular_exclude_lists, list1 at example.com and list2 at example.com to
list3's regular_exclude_lists and so on through adding the addresses of
list1 through listn-1 to listn's regular_exclude_lists.

Note that all these entries are 1 per line. accept_these_nonmembers
entries are just the list name prefixed with '@'. regular_exclude_lists
entries are the full list posting address.

In summary, Privacy options .. ->Sender filters ->
accept_these_nonmembers of each list gets the names of all lists except
itself prefixed with '@'.

Non-digest options -> regular_exclude_lists gets the posting address of
the 'previous' lists, but not its own or that of 'following' lists. This
ensures that posts addressed to all the lists or some subset of all the
lists will be delivered to each list member from only the 'first' list
of which she is a member.

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