[Systems] Clustering Remora

Marten Vijn info at martenvijn.nl
Tue Sep 15 07:25:07 EDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-08-27 at 22:09 -0400, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> El Thu, 27-08-2009 a las 19:59 +0200, Marten Vijn escribió:
> > As posted some ago download2 does not always have a .stamp file.
> > 
> > Currenty I am decreasing verbosity.
Sorry I missed this thread completely

> I had no time to investigate yet.  Do you already have a shell account
> on sunjammer?  And would you like to have a look yourself?
Having a sh would work to debug this.   

> > Think getting more data from trend and monitoring i next important step
> >
> > Also moving my mirror_check script should be moved to a monitoring
> > machine. 
> Are you missing a VM to do this?  Me and Dogi are setting up a new KVM
> host that should be ready for production within days.
? it is only a shell script. Setting up a VM would be overkill IMHO.
It should be able to run under a deprivaliged user. And only need mail
and write to a www accessable folder. 

> If you'd prefer to use your own resources, go on and do what you think
> would work best.  Only, please also document what you do in the wiki and
> give access to a few more Infrastructure Team people.  As we grow
> bigger, I think it's important that we transition from being a bunch of
> individuals to a coordinated team of interchangeable players.
May someone with more security experience takes a look on this script,
before exposing it.



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