[Systems] beamrider reboot

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Oct 29 15:12:44 EDT 2009


you may have noticed from the noise on systems-logs@ that there was
something wrong with beamrider and treehouse today.

The VM was eating 400% of cpu-time (we have 4 cores), and I couldn't
login from ssh or from the console. I found out that logging in from the
console was actually broken because libvirt expected the hostname
(treehouse.sugarlabs.org) to resolve to in order to guess it
should use the local domain socket.

After restart, beamrider appears to work well, but it is still eating up
100-150% of CPU time on the host even when mostly idle. I'm unsure what
could be causing it. Libvirt sucks, but kvm itself has always been very
stable for me in the past. Suggestions?

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