[Systems] migrating to beam rider

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Tue Oct 20 02:04:28 EDT 2009

El Mon, 19-10-2009 a las 22:01 -0500, David Farning escribió: 
> Why rsync everything? Maybe I misunderstand what you mean by
> everything.  One of the goals for migrating is to clean up
> actiivities.sl.o so it will be easy to replicate across multiple
> machines.

Ah, ok. I thought we wanted to migrate the current a.sl.o instance with
the guarantee that it will be exactly as it is now: code, config, db and

> 1. Create /srv/www-sugarlabs/activities on beamrider by pulling from
> the git repo.
> 2. Copy activities.sl.o config files from sunjammer to beam rider.
> 3. Insure proper apache mod are installed and enabled on beamrider.
> 4. Copy the apache activities.conf file from sunjammer to beamrider.
> Edit as needed
> 5. Copy /etc/logrotate.d/activities from sunjammer to beamrider.  Edit
> as needed.

What about the data?

> Questions.
> In order to scale activities.sl.o across multiple front ends it will
> be necessary for each front end to mount
> /srv/www-sugarlabs/activities/files/ and
> srv/www-sugarlabs/activities/repo/ from a common mount point.  Is
> setting up a NFS mount the best way to do this?

I'd use NFS, although it makes us rely on a single point of failure and
scalability bottleneck (although much less critical).

Doesn't remora also offer a distributed filesystem option? How's Mozilla
deploying it?

> If this is hard, we can post pone it until later and just copy the
> directories.  The advantage of setting up the common mount point now
> is that we can share a common database instance, memcache instance,
> and file directories.  By doing this, we can point activities2.sl.o at
> beamrider for testing.  From a user pov a.sl.o and a2.sl.o will be
> exactly the same.  To go live we just need to flip a switch to point
> a.sl.o from sunjammer to beam rider.

We can do it, but truly scalable and fault-tolerant architectures
are supposed to be "shared nothing". Or "share as little as required
for consistency". Perhaps we could get along with sharing just the

> 6. Set up cron job to rsync from common
> srv/www-sugarlabs/activities/repo/ to /srv/uploads/activites.

Why not just make those two directories the same with a symlink?

> > Agreed.  Moreover, the *upload* directory at least needs to be on
> > sunjammer so that users can actually put things in it.
> This is also a argument for setting up upload as a NFS for now.

Ok. I wanted NFS for sharing user's homes too.
It will be a read-only nfs share anyway... quite secure.

> If you get a chance to make a fresh karmic VM for
> launchpad.sugaabs.org, I will retest the install.

Ok, I will. Just be patient as I'm super-overbooked.

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