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Fri Oct 16 20:41:02 EDT 2009

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El Fri, 16-10-2009 a las 17:46 -0500, David Farning escribió:
> A couple of things I worked on today
> --Migrating services to beamrider.
> My thoughts are to start with:
> 1. activities.sl.o - production application
> 2. activities.sl.o. - production memcached instance
> I was looking around and is it going to be a pain in the butt to move.

The good news is that beamrider was created from a rib of sunjammer not
long ago, so all we have to do resync the files that were changed since
them (and the database).

>  The big win would be if we left the a.sl.o database and download.sl.o
> on sunjammer.  This would require that we got all of the a.sl.o module
> abstractions right.  We took some shortcuts setting up a.sl.o the
> first time because we did not know what we are doing.

I see.

> I would rather not move mirrorbrain to beamrider.  We are going to be
> doing quite a bit of work on the mirror brain packages over the next
> couple of weeks.  If we are going to have beamrider and sunjammer be
> tier 1 and tier 2 machines, it might make sense not to move
> mirrorbrain until it has stabilized.

Agreed.  Moreover, the *upload* directory at least needs to be on
sunjammer so that users can actually put things in it.

> --Launchpad
> I got the development version running on my desktop last night.  Could
> not get stable to run on either my desktop or the vm you made.  I'll
> try again next week.

Would using Karmic help? I wanted to test a Jaunty to Karmic upgrade

> --download.sl.o cleanup
> It looks there ate a couple of thing that we should clean up on dl.sl.o.


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