[Systems] Content Delivery Network is in production

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Sun Oct 11 17:41:35 EDT 2009

For the last couple of week, we have been working with Peter Pöml to
set up mirrorbrain as the content deliver network for Sugar Labs.
There are a number advantages for using a content delivery network.

1. Usability -  We can  remove the mirror information from
.  All a _user_ has to worry about is the single
http://download.sugarlabs.org location , redirection to individual
mirrors is invisible to the user.

2. Scalability - Rather that increasing the bandwidth or throughput on
a primary sl.org machine we can distribute the load across a system of
mirrors.  Mirrors are a very well understood concept in free software
delivery.  Mirrorbrain is used by both opensuse and open office with
loads 2 orders of magnitutide above Sugar Labs' loads.

3. Locality - Mirrorbrain uses geoip for to determine the physical
location of downloader and mirrors.  Mirrorbrain can determine the
most appropriate mirror for a given download.

Any traffic going through htp://download.sugarlabs.org (including
activity bundles) will be served through the content delivery network.


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