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Mon Nov 30 07:35:18 EST 2009

Last weekend bernie got the cross link between treehouse and sunjammer set up.  +1 And he thinks that the sunjammer NFS server is working. +2

So rather than have too many people messing with it before we know it is stable.  I'll try to describe what we are trying to accomplish.

First off SPOF - We need to acknowledge that the current NFS design is a single point of failure.  As, the system grows, we can replace NFS with a proper distributed file system.  But for now it makes sense to not add complexity before it is necessary.

I have created a /srv/nfs namespace on sunjammer so we have a central location to put NFS exports.  For a.sl.o we need two shares:
/srv/nfs/activities/files and

Imports web node:
Both shares need to be imported (RW) to each web-node.
- on sunjammer /srv/www-sugar/activities/files
- on aslo-web /srv/activities/files

Imports download.sl.o:
The staging dir will need to be imported read only to the download server.
- on sunjammer staging is imported as /srv/upload/activities.

-- each of the nfs shares on sunjammer is set up with a symlink as a place holders.
-- There are a few test nfs shares and mounts on aslo-root, these can all be deleted replace with proper mount as stated above.

If you ping me, I'll try to be on IRC while you work on this.



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