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Wed Nov 25 10:43:45 EST 2009

I have updated the wiki http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Machine/Discovery_One to better reflect my designs for scaling a.sl.o.

The usage rate, in page views is about doubling every three months.  Unique views are increasing at a lower rate, but users are staying longer and viewing more pages.  A.sl.o is increasing in efficiency as we better leverage the various levels of caching. For the next several quarters we can double our usage while keeping physical machine growth requirements linear.  

We did some tuning on sunjammer based on what we learned testing aslo-web.  Load average is back down to normal and the CPUs max out at about 60%.  Looks like we have a couple of weeks to relax before things get critical again.

In general, things look for growth:
- proxy is take 20% of hits off the top.
-- memcache is set for 1.25GB and is getting about 85% hit rate.
-- mysql cache hit is around 90%.
-- mysql read/write ration is around 90%
- Basically we have a long time before we have to think about scaling up the database -- we just need to make sure that the caches are big enough.
- The content delivery network is absorbing most of the bandwidth needs.  Normally we peak at less than 10Mb second.  

If anyone wants to take a look at the common files system problem, I would appreciate it.  I don't feel comfortable enough with NFS.  I think I have the ports locked down on the server so that the clients can't access them so we went back to symlinks.

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