[Systems] runaway apache processes on sunjammer

Ivan Krstić krstic at solarsail.hcs.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 24 04:27:30 EST 2009

David pointed out a large number of Apache processes on sunjammer  
coming up earlier tonight and then again after a restart. Most of  
these were in I/O sleep:

root at sunjammer:/srv/home/krstic# ps ax -o pid,state,command | grep  
apache | grep D | wc -l

My first guess is that NFS is doing something stupid. A look at  
mount(8) output shows several overlapping NFS mounts, some of which  
are obviously misspelled, and others are just weird (why are there  
loopback NFS mounts mounted to actual directories?).

Anyway, whoever set this up ought to clean up the NFS configuration  
and eliminate the stray mounts. My guess is Apache will keep building  
up dead processes until then.

Ivan Krstić <krstic at solarsail.hcs.harvard.edu> | http://radian.org

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