[Systems] Fwd: pointing activities.sugarlabs.org at the proxy

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Fri Nov 20 02:00:33 EST 2009

Oops, I wasn't ready to go live on anything besides the proxy yet.  If
you went forward with the db I hope you caught most of the gotchas.

1.  The name in aslo-proxy and the new web server need to be changed
to reflect the activities.sugalabs.org.
2. Something in the web server logs (vhost.conf) will need to be
changed to reflect that the the proxy is forwarding the request
3. db, file/ and upload/activities/ need to be synced against sunjammer.
4. /upload/activities on aslo-web will need an to rsync against
upload/activities/ on download.sl.org via cron job running every 15
minutes.  By pushing content from activities.sl.o to download.sl.o we
completely abstract aslo from all services on sunjammer.

On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 12:08 AM, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at codewiz.org> wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-11-18 at 12:40 -0500, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
>> We don't have to wait until I'm done before switching
>> activities.sugarlabs.org to production. If we're ready, I'll switch
>> the DNS tonight.
> Done. Now let's sit back and watch out for any changes in the munin
> graphs.
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