[Systems] pointing activities.sugarlabs.org at the proxy

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sun Nov 15 16:48:06 EST 2009

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El Sun, 15-11-2009 a las 10:44 -0600, David Farning escribió:
> Can you set up a few dns name for us
> also-proxy.sl.o
> also-web.sl.o
> aslo-db.sl.o

Done. I also added the corresponding AAAA records as our infrastructure
is proudly 100% IPv6 ready :-)

> The proxy at is set up as a squid reverse proxy in
> front of the existing activities.sugarlabs.org at
> We are ready to move activities.sl.o from .53 to .121 .

Cool! But, before we go on, I was wondering if we could merge the proxy
and the database together and/or fold the proxy into beamrider to reduce
the number of virtual machines.

It shouldn't detract much from scalability, but it would reduce the
maintenance burden for the VMs by 2/3. There's also 0 security risk,
since both mysql and squid are very secure services.

Also, I feel that the proxy and the database shouldn't run off a crappy
qcow2 file, for performance reasons. As the number of aslo-web
front-ends increases, they will probably perform a lot of disk I/O 

If we decide to keep the current architecture with 3 distinct VMs, we
should at least setup backups for aslo-db and aslo-proxy before we
transition them into production.

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