[Systems] Pootles heads-up

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Wed Nov 11 13:20:27 EST 2009

El Wed, 11-11-2009 a las 23:41 +0530, Sayamindu Dasgupta escribió:
> Pootle 1.3 would be released pretty soon, and it has a _lot_ of
> improvements and bugfixes which should help us provide a better
> experience for our translators.
> I am currently testing the latest 1.3 code against a copy of our data,
> and there seems to be no major regressions. In view of that, I think
> it may be safe for us to upgrade once a stable release comes out.
> A major reason for me pushing the new version is the possible
> performance enhancements, our current installation uses sqlite, which
> is not a nice thing if you have many users. 1.3 will be using Django,
> which means we have the option of MySQL as well (I'm conducting the
> tests in a Ubuntu 9.04 VM with MySQL).

Great. This is also a good opportunity to migrate Pootle away from

We could use beamrider, which is identical to sunjammer, or a dedicated
VM. Whichever you prefer, since you are the admin.

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