[Systems] Branded "virtual Launchpads"

Luke Faraone luke at faraone.cc
Wed Nov 4 17:24:55 EST 2009


Sugar Labs has been looking at migrating to Launchpad for a while now, and
recently did a test bug import into a EC2 instance. It looked great!

However, our organization is fairly cautious about branding. We'd like to
give  Launchpad services the appearance of integration with the rest of our
site, via the route of a branded domain name. (a la "dev.sugarlabs.org" or "
bugs.sugarlabs.org") As we're attempting to make Launchpad part of the
user-facing portal to ask questions and get answers, we don't want users to
easily "get lost" in the rest of Launchpad, and wish to enable them to
easily find their way back to our site. This is essentially a show-stopper
for us at this time.

We realize that this is not currently on the Launchpad roadmap, and we're
wondering how difficult this would be to implement, whether massive amounts
of code would need to be refactored, etc. We also understand that there
would be security implications in this approach (ie, what if SugarLabs.org
went rouge and started stealing user cookies), as well as technical issues
(multi-domain SSL on a single host would be difficult).

What do you all think?

Luke Faraone
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