[Systems] *Action Please* - Alert: dns + apache config on Solarsail

Sebastian Silva sebastian at sugarlabs.org
Tue Nov 3 09:23:34 EST 2009

I dont want to bother Bernie directly
as I understand some of you have required

SomosAzucar.org points to Ivan Krstc's blog.

I *need* that domain to point to pe.sugarlabs.org.
We published a newspaper article pointing people to that address last weekend!

Is this the way to request this?
/me likes systems duty, looking forward to helping

I will share the newsclip ASAP.

2009/11/3 Sebastian Silva <sebastian at sugarlabs.org>:
> For some reason Somosazucar.org points
> to ivan's blog. www.somosazucar.org points
> to sugarlabs.org which is fine.
> Could we please make *.somosazucar.* point
> to the pe.sugarlabs.org wiki until we have
> a landing page to put there?
> I would appreciate it if someone with proper
> privileges could do this.
> --
> Sebastian Silva
> Colectivo FuenteLibre
> http://blog.fuentelibre.org/

Sebastian Silva
Colectivo FuenteLibre

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