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Sun May 31 08:28:51 EDT 2009

your router. Very cool. What's your local IPv6 address? Try "ifconfig"
or "ifconfig -a".

>         Does this website work for you?
> Yes it does.

It seems you can reach some IPv6 sites and not others. Weird.

Please, try these and report back:


All of them should work. Also try ping, just in case.

>         I Googled for "Bredbandsbolaget IPv6", but most of the results
>         are in Swedish, which I cannot read. Hopefully you can :)
> The first 3 results are forum post from about one year ago,
> complaining about the ISP not supporting IPv6.
> I've fired an email to them asking about it.
>         I'm even more convinced it's an IPv6 problem, and I'm willing
>         to debug it if it's on our side. Can you come on IRC, channel
>         #sugar and ping user bernie?
>Sure. What time?
> I'm on GMT+1.

I'm on GMT-5. I'm always logged in, but often away from the keyboard.
Just try pinging me any time :)

   // Bernie Innocenti -
 \X/  Sugar Labs       -

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