[Systems] bender: new virtual host

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Jun 1 18:53:42 EDT 2009

On 05/31/09 21:04, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> One major issue is that we ran out of free public IPs (we had 8).  As a
> temporary workaround, I've setup an IPv6 tunnel with sixxs.net in order
> to access it globally without going through NAT.  We're only planning to
> run backstage services, so it's not as impractical as it sounds.  If
> needed, we could also forward individual ports to public IPv4 addresses
> and do Apache proxying to expose web applications on IPv4.

Thanks to Luke Faraone, who kindly offered his credits at sixxs.net, we
now have a temporary IPv6 subnet in place.  Playing with 65536 subnets
of 64bits each is fun!  Too much goodness...

Machines in our subnet reachable over IPv6 by their hostnames:

  bender.sugarlabs.org    (host)
  trixbox1.sugarlabs.org  (a test VM running on it)

I have not yet asked for reverse delegation of this zone, because for
performance reasons we're going to switch back to the Italian IPv6 POP
when I'll have enough credits to do it.

> WARNING: proper backups are not yet in place!

This is done.  Daily, versioned backups of the whole host.  I have not
yet a strategy in place for taking consistent snapshots of the guests,
although I'm using qcow2 images explicitly for this purpose.

> WARNING^2: not all storage is on RAID1 yet!

This is done too, although I encountered a issue trying to boot off md0
which I couldn't solve:


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