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Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 13:25:56 EST 2009

On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 12:43 PM, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at codewiz.org>wrote:

> Stefan Unterhauser wrote:
> > not so fast awk.laptop.org is already set up for awk in W91
> > ... but awk is still in 1cc
> >
> > for now use awk.mogidi.net which points to the ip in 1cc
> Ok, I've temporarily pointed pootle.sugarlabs.org at it.  It might
> take some time for caches to refresh.

It would probably have been better to hold off on repointing
pootle.sugarlabs.org at awk.mogidi.net until Sayamindu declares it ready for
production.  It is tru that the pootle.sugarlabs.org address has never
really been publicized, so hopefully it will not have much of a chance to
cause confusion.  My message was a heads-up to be ready, not a call for
immediate action.  There is still a bunch of work Sayamindu needs to do on
the new Pootle instance before is is ready, for instance, the Scratch
project failed to transfer properly and we do not want our Scratch friends
to think they are being left behind, they aren't, it just hasn't been fixed
(or even diagnosed) yet.

In addition, the level of activity by localizers has been unusually high (as
expected during a string freeze) and a re-synchronization from
dev.l.o/translate (existing pootle server) will almost certainly be needed
to catch up with the work by localizers since the first test migration (and
it was not a completely successful test).

Unfortunately, another factor in all of this has been the migration of
activities from dev.l.o to git.sl.o.  There are bits on the backend that
need to be fiddled so that Pootle points (and commits) to the correct repo.
The activity migration has been handled in a somewhat disorganized fashion
and it is already beginning to create confusion among users (like Bryan
Berry of OLE Nepal) about where to file bugs against activities.  Further
confusion is being layered on that by late-occuring changes (string freeze
breaks).  One last little bit of fun is that the existing Pootle server has
started throwing obscure messages at people on registration.

All of it adds up to being a big mess that can certainly be straightened
out, but let's try not to show to much of the messiness to the users by
jumping the gun and pointing them at a server that has not been declared
ready for production.  It is essential that we hold off on publicizing
pootle.sugarlabs.org until awk.mogidi.net is truly ready to take over as the
production instance, it might be best to undo the repointing at until
Sayamindu gives the nod.

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