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Just to let both Sugar Labs systems and OLPC VIG know that the preparation
work on the new Pootle server migration is going well and the Localization
list is being kept in the loop.

Sayamindu has done great work on getting awk ready, thanks again to dogi for
getting accounts set up there.  An initial migration of the pootle data has
been performed and it is looking pretty good.  There is still some work on
one project tha didn't quite migrate cleanly and all of the back-end bits
for hooking into the repos at OLPC and Sugar Labs.  I'm working with
Sayamindu to review the migrated materials.

It would be great if the real cut-over into production could be handled by
just repointing some DNS entries, so that will need to be coordinated and
driven by Sayamindu's sign-off that the awk pootle instance is "ready for

In the meantime, there is a flood of new translators joining for Bahasa
Melayu and Khmer projects as well as lots of pre-release polishing of
strings by active L10n teams and it is best to just keep them working on the
existing Pootle instance and be prepared to merge any changes just before
cut-over (or even after if needed).


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There has been quite a lot of activity going on in the background that sets
the stage for these comments.  Sayamindu (with cooperation from OLPC
sysadmin and Sugar Labs systems) has been preparing a new Pootle server for
use.  I mentioned this in an earlier e-mail to the list:


That work has moved ahead nicely.  The general picture is this.  OLPC has
dedicated a server (different than the current Pootle server) that will
reside in an MIT co-location facility under OLPC's existing arrangements.
Server administration duties on that server will be shared by OLPC sysadmin
staff and SugarLabs systems people).  I have tried to step up to do some of
the Pootle admin tasks (users, projects, etc.) to take just a little bit of
the load off of Sayamindu and sharing messages like this with the
localization list is part of that.  The new Pootle instance will be an
upgraded version (1.2.1) and some other tools have been upgraded as well.

The existing site is running:
Pootle 1.1.0rc2
Translate Toolkit 1.1.1rc4
jToolkit 0.7.8
Kid 0.9.6
ElementTree 1.2.6
Python 2.5.2 (r252:60911, Jul 31 2008, 17:31:22) [GCC 4.2.3 (Ubuntu
4.2.3-2ubuntu7)] (on linux2/posix)

The new site is running:
Pootle 1.2.1
Translate Toolkit (1, 3, 0)
jToolkit 0.7.8
Kid 0.9.6
ElementTree 1.2.6
Python 2.5.2 (r252:60911, Oct 5 2008, 19:24:49) [GCC 4.3.2] (on

The data from the existing Pootle instance (all strings and users) have been
migrated over to the new Pootle instance, but there is still a great deal of
set up work to do before it is ready for production use.  Sayamindu is
working on fiddling all of the bits on the back end to connect Pootle up
with the correct repos for commits of strings and stuff like that.

When the switchover occurs, and hopefully it will be in the next few weeks,
the goal is for it to be as simple as this.  You go to the same URL as
always, you login with the same password as always, your strings and privs
are all there, you may notice that the color scheme on the front page is
blue instead of green, but that is pretty much it.  If all goes well we will
be taking all the stuff we want (strings, users, privs) with us to a newer,
faster,  more current, less buggy environment and leaving behind all the
stuff we don't want (registration bugs, old versions, etc.).  Now, just
being realistic, there usually some little hitches in any migration project
and a good measure of cooperation and patience will be needed from all to
smooth out the inevitable rough spots, but I have actually logged onto the
new server and Pootle instance and it is beginning to look very much like a
shiny new home for Sugar / OLPC localization efforts.

More news will come out as this project moves forward (rapidly).

As for timing, you may ask if it really make sense to do this at this stage
of the release cycle while localizers are busily translating and build
systems are hungrily asking for committed PO files in preparation for an
officially declared build.  Well, it is not really an ideal time, but there
never really is a perfect time for reworking infrastructure that is in
constant use, but it is important that this get done while Sayamindu has the
time to dedicate to it and since he is doing the heavy lifting, now seems
like as good a time as any.  Please just keep on translating your projects
and especially (language admins) committing the PO files when they have been
finished/reviewed.  Every effort will be made to not lose a single word of
your work (msgmerges and fresh rsyncs can quickly merge the two parallel
instances to synchronize them) and to keep the disruption down to an
absolute minimum.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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