[Systems] Gitorious is hanging up on me.

James Simmons jim.simmons at walgreens.com
Fri Feb 6 10:27:47 EST 2009

I migrated two Activities from the OLPC git repository to Gitorious, 
Read Etexts and View Slides.  The migration seemed to go OK, but now I 
want to start committing my changes to the new repositories.  I use two 
different development boxes and have posted RSA public keys for each in 
my account, JSimmons.  The first one I posted was the one I used for the 
migration, and the second was created for a freshly installed Fedora 10 
box that I want to use for all future development work.  For several 
days I have not been able to do a git push from either of them.  Since 
the first box worked fine for the migration a week or so ago I have to 
assume that there is a problem on the server end.

I hope you can help me or direct me to someone who can.  Thanks.

James Simmons

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