[Systems] Sunjammer password expired

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Aug 27 21:08:12 EDT 2009

El Thu, 27-08-2009 a las 19:20 +0100, Gary C Martin escribió:
> Sorry if I'm being a dumb end user here, but Sunjammer is telling me  
> my password has expired, and that I need to change it. It's asking:
> 	"You must change your password now and login again! Enter login(LDAP)  
> password".
> Perhaps I was drinking too much the night I got my account ;-) but my  
> understanding is that Sunjammer authentication, for us mortals, is all  
> done through public/private keys for security. I have no LDAP password  
> to give (or any other password Sunjammer should be asking for. Any  
> hints?

You got your account before we started sending out the following welcome
messages to new users:

Dear $CN $SN,

Your account has been created.  You can login on shell.$DOMAIN
as user "$USERNAME" using your ssh key(s).  Please, be
considerate about security: always keep your private keys password
protected and use non-guessable passwords.

Your *temporary* p4ssw0rd is "$PASSWORD", for use with protocols
requiring authentication such as HTTP and IMAP.  You should change
it as soon as possible using this web form:


This message should be delivered to you in two copies: once directly,
and once through your forwarding email address $USERNAME@$DOMAIN .
Please, let me know if you don't receive the latter.  You can change
your forwarding address at any time by editing ~/$forward_file.

You can use this account for any (legal) purpose as long as you don't
abuse shared resources.  Please check with the system administrators
before setting up daemons and cron jobs.  Anything you put in
~/public_html will be served on


Happy hacking!

  -- your friendly BOFH

I understand that the 180 day password expiration policy can be quite
annoying, but it's a good security practice and helps us detect idle
accounts that could be closed.

BTW, didn't you get a warning email every day for the past 14 days?

> P.S. Was just trying to upload the latest Physics-3.tar.bz2 release  
> for distros, nothing urgent.


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