[Systems] Progress with treehouse

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Aug 27 08:39:10 EDT 2009

Yesterday Danny, Dogi and me relocated the machine called "treehouse"
from its temporary location at the Media Lab to the basement of Pika
(<http://pika.mit.edu/>) to sort out a stability problem that would make
the machine crash after a while when running burnBX (a stress-test

It turned out that the problem was just overheating: two fans were
mounted backwards and blowing the air in a circle inside the 2U case.
Plus, the three drives were packed too close to each other, completely
blocking the airflow of another fan.

Treehouse has now been running stress tests since yesterday without a
glitch, so we're going to rack it at GNAPs co-location facility this
morning.  Hopefully it will transition into production soon.  It's a
fairly large machine:

 * 2 x dual-core, 64bit AMD processors
 * 64GB of memory
 * 3 1TB hard drives configured in RAID1 (1TB of storage)
 * remote management module

Thanks to Dogi for making his personal server available to host Sugar
Labs related services.
Thanks to Danny Clark for taking care of all the logistics and for his
Thanks to Danjared and the other Pikans for their great hospitality and

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