[Systems] pgrmr machines

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Fri Nov 28 12:48:34 EST 2008

On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 10:59 AM, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at sugarlabs.org> wrote:
> David Farning wrote:
>> Very nice! thanks!
>> If you get a change, would you mind trying to revive the API
>> documentation services on Sugar Labs1 ? (setting them up in a sane
>> manner)
> Is it dead on api.sugarlabs.org?  And why?

Pydocweb currently has no named host.  You can usually reach it at
http://sugarlabs1.xen.prgmr.com/ .  Some thing got screwed up during
the downgrade from rawhide to f10. It is currently down.

api.sl.org is still up.  It is currently being served from my shell
account.  The static epydoc html files are generated via a cron job on
sugarlabs1 and then sent via sftp to my shell account.

I started running these services from sugarlabs1 because they require
jhbuild and I didn't want to add all of those dependencies to
shell.sl.org.  For maintenance reasons, it would be hand to have the
api services centrally located.


> Btw, since we shuffled services, shell accounts are at
> shell.sugarlabs.org.
>> Should I file a request in tracker? I looks like you are working on a
>> lot of stuff right now!
> Yes, and many things are falling through the cracks.
> Perhaps you can help me by taking over one or more of these TODOs?
>  * hand gmail accounts to members
I can help with this.
>  * polish the InfrastructureTeam page
I have added this to my todo
>  * post on iaep@ about sugarcamp reimbursements
>  * ask donors if we can reuse excess money for next events
>  * collabora and langoff for XS

I had a good talk with Robert McQueen the other day.  As long as we
continue to move forward supporting OLPC and increasing the number of
Sugar Deployments on other distros, Collabora with continue to work
with us.  I believe they feel, the marketing and RandD benefits of
working on collaboration with Sugar Labs out weigh the costs

>  * ping basic on gitorious
>> This is Luke Crawford.  He runs a xen consulting firm in the
>> California.  A few months ago he wrote a book on Xen hosting.  I think
>> the Xen hosting business was just a side business that grew:)
>> He is setting up two new servers this weekend and trying to build a
>> working ubuntu 8.10 image for us.
> Great.  Do I find him online somewhere?
>> The reliably issues with his machines is not that his service is
>> necessarily bad.  It is that he is using our machines to test his
>> latest images which he then offers to his paying customers.
> Yeah, not a problem for buildbot and ancilliary services...
> Only problem is that xen is getting obsolete, at some point I guess he
> will have to switch us to kvm.
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