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Tue Jul 13 07:57:03 EDT 2021

Math Hurdler-2 has been released

Version: 2
Bundle ID: edu.rit.math-hurdler
Release time: 2021-07-12 13:28:10

You can download the latest release of this activity here:
  - Info: https://v4.activities.sugarlabs.org/app/edu.rit.math-hurdler.html
  - Download: https://v4.activities.sugarlabs.org/bundles/MathHurdler-2.xo


* Update README (Sourabha G)
* Updated screenshots (Sourabha G)
* Fix PyGIWarning (Sourabha G)
* Increased time before each hurdle (Sourabha G)
* Fix save and restore from journal (Sourabha G)
* Port to Python3 (Sourabha G)
* Updated to sugargame v1.3 (Sourabha G)
* Fix fail to start (Ashish Kumar)

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