[Sugar-devel] Introduction

SHRAY TYAGI shray.tyagi18 at vit.edu
Fri Jan 1 03:46:37 EST 2021

Hello, My name is Shray Tyagi and I am a 3rd-year BTech student at
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology Pune. My technical knowledge includes
python, React JS, Html, CSS,django, Mysql,data structures and basics of
java, Machine learning, c , c++. Some of my projects include a basic django
todo app, car showroom database management system, digit detection using
neural networks, basic chatbot, etc. I am very much interested in
participating in GSoC 2021. The main reason for doing GSoC is to get
exposure to the developer's world and to work with new people. I am looking
forward to working under sugarlabs.

Shray Tyagi
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