[Sugar-devel] Gradual reorganizing of Music Blocks codebase

Anindya Kundu anindyaak007 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 10:39:17 EDT 2020

I'm considering reorganizing the modules and cleaning up the complete
codebase in a gradual manner - something I briefly worked on, during this
summer. It is to my understanding that Music Blocks was built
progressively, and there's still scope for a lot of additions, but I've
observed some significant issues.

I feel the user experience isn't quite appealing. For instance, the
application feels bulky, the mouse interaction isn't very good, there are
UI lapses here and there, etc. As for the code, I feel we are lacking
structure. The JS modules have become disorganized, there's lots of
deprecated code spread throughout, and the scripts do not stick to a proper

Many times it becomes a challenge to figure out the source of a bug or
add/modify some code. Also, it is quite easy to generate an obscure bug
while fixing something else. Moreover, several components are convoluted
among themselves. I've only worked on the MVC refactoring of a few
components, but I believe it should be done all throughout for it to bear

Therefore, I'm planning on rebuilding a structure under the hood, primarily
for better code management, but also to enhance the performance of the
application. Any thoughts or suggestions?

*Anindya Kundu*
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