[Sugar-devel] Sugar Trisquel image Ready for testing.

Martin Guy martinwguy at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 06:20:38 EDT 2020

> the included activities are:
> abacus
> analyzejournal
> browse
> calculate
> ...

I've been looking at what activities to include in a Sugar Live
Everything i386 release, but it looks like you've made my task easier.
Shall I call it Sugar Live Trisqel in honour of the Activity selection
or do you think that would confuse things?

Also, if you're OK with me lifting your Acvivity selection, I see I
need to include lines like

  clone https://github.com/sugarlabs/something    Something.activity

in Sugar Live Build's auto/config file, where "something" is usually
"something-activity" but not all actiivies follow this convention, so
do you have to hand a list of the github-name activity-name pairs for
the Trisqel list, to save me having to pore over github/sugarlabs'
many pages of activities by hand?

I see that sugarlabs-calculator (named in SLB' sucrose set) on github
redirects to calculator-activity (I guess it was renamed at some
point). If all activities were to do this (e.g. pippy-activity->Pippy)
it would be easier to reduce package choices to a succint list.


Thanks again


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