[Sugar-devel] State of Sugar?

Bastien bzg at bzg.fr
Thu Oct 29 04:57:27 EDT 2020

Dear all,

I hope you're all doing well, in every corner of the world.

After participating to a survey called "State of Emacs", and thinking
about the various "State of X" that you can find in the software world
(State of Clojure, State of the Octoverse, etc.), I was wondering if
you would find it useful to launch a "State of Sugar".

The survey would target users and contributors and the results could
help the community better know itself -- and the casual reader better
understand how Sugar works in general.

I find myself in this position of "casual reader" about Sugar today,
and I have a few naive questions for which I don't have answers when
browsing the website and the docs:

- Is Sugar still actively *developed* or just maintained?

- If the former, is there a roadmap somewhere?

- Does Sugar have a "maintainer" or a group of maintainers?

- Who gets paid for doing what in the Sugar community?

- How large is the Sugar contributors community?

- What are the interaction between Sugar Labs and Sugarizer?

- Is the Sugar Labs community still supporting OLPC deployments?

- Is the Sugar Labs community supporting new "deployments" in new


That's what comes on the top of my head right now.

Maybe I'll get some answers for these questions by just asking them on
this list, but a State of Sugar could answer other questions of course.



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