[Sugar-devel] Maintaining the sugar-live-build

Martin Guy martinwguy at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 15:04:13 EDT 2020

Gah, this default-reply-to-author-only choice is inconvenient. Forwarding...

Thanks Joe, that all sounds like good stuff.

On 28/10/2020, D. Joe <sugarlabs at etrumeus.com> wrote:
> a long (if haphazard) connection to using live images

I'm a big fan of Live CDs since that technology became possible in
2002ish, not only for the ease of distribution and booting, not only
because you can just power the machine off and lose nothing, but also
because once it works on a machine it will always work. Can't break...
unless you scratch the CD of course.

> The deterioration in the ability to
> support the XO that James has mentioned was coming to a point right around
> the time I started

Well, I plan to turn that around and make sugarizing oneself easier,
albeit tiwh different technology. I'm tempted to buy an XO on ebay
when I'm rich, not only to ensure it had ongoing support but in time
it's sure to become a collectible.

One of the most urgent tasks seems to be to port the remaining Python2
script to Python3, as 2 is now officially retired and the main distros
will be dropping it shortly, so I'm thinking of ways to be able to
work on that. It's boring work, about as much fun as mincing
spaghetti, but I have some experience in translating from one
programming languae to another so P2->P3 with the copious
guidelinesshould be relatively simple.
Not that I'm looking forward to it but, hey, someone needs to do the


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