[Sugar-devel] Some questions about Sugar and Sugar Live Build

Martin Guy martinwguy at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 06:02:38 EST 2020

Thanks to all, that's cleared up my confusion

On 12/11/2020, Jui Pradhan <juipradhan2k at gmail.com> wrote:
> The XO-color you choose is used to distinguish players for the activities
> which include collaboration.

OK. However I see that it chooses random colors initially in any case,
so that should still work. What I'd like is for them to put the
stick/CD in, turn it on and have it present the Home page rather than
click-click-click every time. We shall see.

>> * With a Live system, how does one change the language and
>>   keyboard layout?
> Go to my Settings>Language to set the language preference.

Ah, of course, by clicking on the XO icon. Silly me.
At present the only available language option is EN-US but the
keyboard layouts are there.

> Make sure to restart your live build for the changes to apply.
Mmm, that's unfortunate because it goes to the lightdm login box where
the user hs no idea what the user/pass is, and even if they can guess
"user" and it does have a password set, they have no way of knowing
what it is! I Ctrl-Alt-F1, sudo passwd user, pass pass but I can't
make them do that. I'll see if there's a better solution.

On 12/11/2020, James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org> wrote:
> Give the settings keys a value and create the SSH owner key.
> On OLPC OS, based on Ubuntu, shell script /usr/bin/sugar detects UID
> of 99, presence of /rofs, and username ubuntu, and responds by doing
> this;
>     gsettings set org.sugarlabs.user nick 'You'
> ...

All good stuff, thanks.

> Otherwise prompt for it at boot.  Fedora SoaS, last I checked, does
> this in the bootloader, passes the language choice as a kernel command
> line, extracted from /proc/cmdline and stored in environment variable
> LANG or file ~/.i18n

> For OLPC XO laptops, LANG was stored

Right, I'll look into those.



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