[Sugar-devel] Community Bonding Period

Saumya Mishra 2017230 at iiitdmj.ac.in
Sun May 31 16:46:15 EDT 2020

Hello all,

My Project is - Port Sugar and core activities to Python3.

I had a good time with community members and mentors. I had a few meets
with James , Jui , Shaan and Rahul.

I have worked on Porting few activities to Python3. The activities include
showntell-activity, infoslicer, vncLauncher, solar-system and Frotz. The
solar-system activity is released and other activities are still in
progress. I will be working on those activities along with Jui to get them

Along with this I also worked on some reviewing and testing of sugar source
code . I will continue this work in further weeks also.

I also worked on Port to TelepathyGLib of some activities -
activity-turtle-flags, and still working on activity-turtle-confusion and
AmazonasTortuga. I will also continue the work this week.

I have made two project plans one
<https://github.com/Saumya-Mishra9129/sugar/projects/1> contains work on
sugar and fructose activities , second
<https://github.com/users/Saumya-Mishra9129/projects/2> one includes work
on port of other activities. I will keep on updating my future plans as
To-Do's here with all Progress information.

Any suggestion or feedback is welcome.

Thanks and Regards
Saumya Mishra
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