[Sugar-devel] Mode of distribution of Sugar Activities

Srevin Saju srevin03 at gmail.com
Sun May 31 08:00:00 EDT 2020

Hello, hope all are doing well

While reading the sugarlabs wiki, I had come across packages.sugarlabs.org
which seemed to work before, but at the moment, I could not connect to it
As long a the aslov4 is only under construction, I faced a confusion on
where is the right place to submit new activities.
On sugar-docs (GitHub), there is a small instance of uploading the .xo of a
python2 compatible activity however. Unfortunately, I failed in finding a
proper guide to "How to publish a sugar activity'. I had previously seen in
some discussions on IRC, but however the last known reference to the
packages.sugarlabs.org is here https://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/4786
during GCI 2014. I can also see that, as we have a lot of a activities not
only on GitHub, that is, on gitorious, etc. So I coud not find a curated
list of sugarlabs' activities listed except on the work by @radii (aslov4),

Can anyone guide me, so that I (or someone who is interested) can update
the public wiki with the same information

Few more links that confused me:
* downloads.sugarlabs.org
* people.sugarlabs.org

Has distribution of activities turned into Linux Distribution specific
binaries like .deb and .rpms, or are (*.xo) bundles' still used for public
activity distribution (other than OLPC OS?); This also leads to another
question, i.e if most activities are packaged in .xo's or only (.deb, .rpm,

Srevin Saju
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