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Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Sun May 31 07:08:41 EDT 2020

On Sun, May 31, 2020 at 1:39 AM Anindya Kundu <anindyaak007 at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> Coming to the end of the Community Bonding period, I want to sum up my
> initial progress on my project during the period, and my plans ahead as the
> official Coding Period begins.
> I had several meetings with my mentor, Walter, and other members of the
> Music Blocks group for this year's GSoC. Walter walked me through some of
> the complex functions, and we discussed on how to proceed.
> During the period, I've worked on the ES6 port, to clean up the code and
> make it ready for further work. Specifically, I've completely refactored
> logo.js and turtle.js, which are most important to my project. In
> addition, I've done a lot of cleanup w.r.t whitespaces, comments, short
> statements, etc. And, I'm satisfied that the files are in a good condition
> for me to start with. In addition, I've separated out note execution
> related behaviour to an external class named NoteController.
> In the upcoming weeks, I'll primarily be focused on separation of Model,
> View, and Controller from logo.js and turtle.js. For better modular
> behaviour, I've conceptualised 5 models and 4 controllers. The
> NoteController, mentioned above, is an experimental feature which needs
> further discussion; I intend to carry it out in parallel in the coming week.
> I'm keeping a log, and all my progress is maintained in a GitHub project
> <https://github.com/meganindya/musicblocks/projects/1> created in my fork
> of Music Blocks. It has 5 columns: Milestones, To do, In progress, Done,
> and Plans. Milestones keeps track of my overall progress and upcoming
> goals, Plans keeps note of my conceptualised ideas, while the rest keep
> track (archived after milestone achieved) of intermediate progress.
> Thank You.
> *Anindya Kundu*
Great progress so far. I think you are laying the foundation for a
successful project.


Walter Bender
Sugar Labs
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