[Sugar-devel] GSOC Community Bonding Period - MB100Issues

Saksham Mrig sakshammrigdgr8 at gmail.com
Fri May 29 17:07:34 EDT 2020

Hi there ,
Since the Community bonding period is almost over, I would like to update
everyone on my project's progress .
I have had daily meetings with the musicblocks group , and weekly meetings
with Sumit. We discussed about new note class , "on every beat block", midi
input/access and other issues in MB. Daily meetings consist of updates on
our progress and any challenges we are facing. Both Devin and Walter give
their input on our proposed fixes. Walter also clarifies any doubts we have
in the codebase,

Some of the issues that I have worked on -

   - G_5 plays too short #1973
   - Default Strong and Weak for Common Meters #2253
   - A forgiving broken 'pitch' block #1873
   - scroll issue in palette

Major Issues I plan to work on - : 1 June - 7 June  ( Week 1 )

   - musickeyboard only saves default synth #1860
   - Proper placing of events for Lilypond #2233
   - "Hover" as a sensor event #2221
   - Accept MIDI input  #1899

I have made a github project (
to keep track of my progress , I will be updating it regularly with
new milestones.
- Saksham
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