[Sugar-devel] Weekly Progress (Release and maintain atleast 25 Sugar Activities)

Jui Pradhan juipradhan2k at gmail.com
Mon May 18 07:14:38 EDT 2020

Hi everyone,

Till now I have been completing my previous work on activities which
include : Recall, AnalyzeJournal, Bridge and Jumble. I also added
translations for hi and mr in iknowSriLanka activity and reviewed the PR. I
was also on the call with James, shaan and Saumya on 11th May.

*Recall* we decided to remove collaboration for this release so I rebased
my branch on top of James' changes and removed few more commits to complete
my PR. With this merged I finished porting the activity to python3 along
with other necessary changes. I would be updating the NEWS file and make a
release soon.

For my work on *Analyze Journal*, I fixed most of the warnings and added a
new line chart feature to the activity. I also fixed the object Chooser
issue. My work is mostly complete with just final code reviewing and merge

For *Bridge activity*, it does not save data to journal. So adding code to
save and resume from Journal was a little time consuming. Srevin helped me
proceed. Next, I will be completing my open PR which also adds a sugar
toolbar along with saving data to journal. Previously, my work on Bridge
involved port to python3 and extending support for all screen sizes. There
were few other feature additions like handling creation of new train and
dealing with zero costs.

I also tested wordcloud and hit the balls. Found some issues I will be
fixing before releasing the activities. I also plan to test the activities
Saumya has been working on recently which include - Frotz, vncLauncher,
solar-system and showntell-activity and infoslicer. Once her work on
porting to python3 is completed, I plan to begin testing and fixing any
issues before the next release on these activities.

Jui Pradhan

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