[Sugar-devel] Weekly Update (Port Sugar and core activities to Python3): 11th May 2020 to 17th May 2020

Saumya Mishra 2017230 at iiitdmj.ac.in
Sun May 17 15:09:45 EDT 2020


I worked on Port of Frotz , VncLauncher , solar-system , showntell-activity
and infoslicer. Along with reviewing recall , AnalyseJournal and
terminal-activity. Along with this I opened 3 issues in showntell-activity
and pukllanapac. I had a meeting on 11th May with James , shaan and Jui
where we discussed about  debian packaging and how the various Linux
Distributions handle it differently. I also had some discussions with
mentor Rahul Bothra about how to work and future plans.

Frotz needed port to Gtk3 also, Toolbar also needed to be fixed and there
were some errors as Gdk.Color is deprecated in the latest release, Change
to Gdk.RGBA was important there. Frotz uses Vte.Terminal class and in Vte
2.91 , some class methods have deprecated so I worked on trying and fixing
which method can work for replacement with Srevin Saju. A new challenge for
Frotz is to change frotz binaries to system specific packages for frotz.

VncLauncher uses embedded x11vnc binaries which are outdated so I have
removed support for the use of embedded binaries and used distro packages
in place. I also did some flake8 fixes also in activity.

solar-system , activity has no test plan yet as well as it consumes a lot
of CPU time. Also it needed port to WebKit2 and python3. I worked on some
changes there.

showntell-activity needed Python3 support and it uses a way old version of
Python that is 2.2 in some necessary files . I worked on porting as well as
on some major/minor errors I noticed while porting , fixing signals names
etc. It is still in progress.

infoslicer also needs porting to Python3 and it also uses sgmllib so It
needed to port to another bundled module in Python3. I searched about which
module can be helpful in case of sgmllib found sgmllib3k and lxml. I am
still figuring out which one will be best.

Saumya Mishra
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