[Sugar-devel] Sugarizer School Portal - Meeting: 11 May 2020

NIKHIL MEHRA nmehra at ph.iitr.ac.in
Mon May 11 08:16:07 EDT 2020


Today, I had a meeting with Michaƫl and had discussions about work items
from the last week which basically includes
- Start working on Sugarizer-School-Portal-Server repo.
 -- Set up basic node.js app
 -- Add basic features like get deployments using `node-helm`
 -- Write basic documentation

Problems experienced last week:
-- `node-helm` was deprecated

Link to the repository:
Additional instructions:
 - npm install
 - navigate to node-modules/node-helm/helm.js and modily line 17 (from
`this.executer.callByArguments(command, callbackHandler(done));` to
`this.executer.callByArguments(command, callbackHandler(done, true),
 - npm start. The app will be available at localhost:8080 by default.

Here is a list of tasks that we have decided for this week:
-- Add authentication to web app.
-- Start working on UI.
-- Look into Microsoft's helm-web-api and node-helm.

PFA slack logs for reference. Next meeting is scheduled for next Monday.

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