[Sugar-devel] GSoC 2020 Help Needed

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sat May 9 00:15:38 EDT 2020

Students are starting to get involved.  This is great.  But also a

We need Sugar Labs members and others to step up and join in.
Discuss issues.  Review pull requests.  Test releases.  Read daily
reports.  Make comments.  Report problems.

In other words, be part of your open source software community.

1.  be involved in mailing list discussion,

2.  find the repositories and click to watch them, read the
notifications and respond on GitHub,

3.  find our students on GitHub and watch their activity,

4.  query GitHub for open pull requests created by the students,

5.  join any of the chats being used.

You don't need to be a mentor to do this, and arguably it is better
that you aren't.  Our mentors are assigned to mentor, and time spent
doing these things can be time lost from helping or teaching the
student [1].

Especially get involved if you are a backup mentor who is not actively
teaching, or the mentors who were not chosen because of our slot



James Cameron

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