[Sugar-devel] First Sugarizer Knowledge Activity Pack meeting

Dhruv Misra dhruvmisra at live.com
Thu May 7 09:29:20 EDT 2020

Hey there,

I and my mentor Lionel had our first Sugarizer Knowledge Activity Pack meeting at 12H UTC today i.e. 7 May.

We discussed the logistics, future plans and had a conversation on the Vue.js activity template which will be a reusable template ready to create activities in the future. We also talked on creating a new Sugarizer tutorial for Vue.js and discussed a new idea to have dynamic tutorial for all languages (VanillaJS, Vue.js, React, etc).

  *   Tasks from last week: None
  *   Issues encountered in this week: None
  *   Tasks for next week:

  1.  Rewrite the full tutorial source code in Vue.js
  2.  Think of a way to dynamically switch languages in the documentation
  3.  Think of ways to improve the template using components

Dhruv Misra
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