[Sugar-devel] GSoC 2020 Mentoring starts, Community Bonding Period

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue May 5 21:46:16 EDT 2020

Welcome to the Community Bonding Period.  This is a long post.

Students; please continue to participate, make pull requests, raise
issues, test software, in any limited time you have available.

For more on what you can do, see my other post;

Mentors; reach out to your student, and start mentoring.  Tell them
what you are expecting them to do during the community bonding period.
Teach them to be a part of your community, and to communicate
effectively and in the open.

Please CC or BCC gsoc2020admin at sugarlabs.org to keep org admins

Please CC or BCC your backup mentors to keep them informed.

Backup mentors; please watch for mentors who stop, or students who
aren't getting answered, then step in.

Now, I'm one of your org admins.  Mentors are to keep me informed of
their availability, expectation of interaction, any loss of capacity,
any or issues with your student (communication, activity, visibility,
progress, plagiarism, harassment, fraud, or bad fit), and how well
their student is participating.

As an org admin, my responsibilities are to Google, mentors, and

Org admin responsibility to our students;

- students contact org admin by writing to
  gsoc2020admin at sugarlabs.org,

- my hours are 2:30am to 1:30pm IST, Monday to Friday, IST, and Walter
  between 4:30pm and 8:30am IST,

- if needed we may contact you back using other methods, like IRC,
  WhatsApp, Skype, Jitsi, Zoom, or Hangouts,

- we will contact students as a group using the gsoc2020students@
  alias, and via sugar-devel@ mailing list, (you may get duplicates),

- licensing; small changes should be assigned to the copyright owner
  of the work you are changing; large changes should acquire your
  copyright, and if no license is present you should add one of the
  open source licenses we use; please ask your mentor or myself for

- visibility; you need to be visible to us, and we need to see you
  working somehow, via GitHub, mailing list, or private mail,

- failure; during the community bonding period we will fail a student
  if (a) there is no interaction, or not enough interaction with our
  community, (b) there is no demonstrated capacity to work, even in
  the limited time you have available,

- participant agreement violations or inappropriate behaviour; your
  mentor will watch for these, as will your org admin, we'll tell you
  privately about them, and if nothing is done to fix we'll notify you
  in advance and reach out to gsoc-support team,

Org admin responsibility to our mentors, in addition to what was
mentioned above;

- continuously evaluate mentor interaction with students; your org
  admin will read what you say, what the student says, and will tell
  you privately if there are any things you should do,

- recognize conflicts of interest, interpersonal issues, and replace
  as necessary; your org admin will look for problems like these,
  and if necessary ask another mentor to take over,

- maintain regular communication with mentors during the program;
  your org admin will keep you informed of anything that is relevant
  by writing to the gsoc2020assignees alias,

- ensure adequate and appropriate mentoring coverage; your org admin
  will watch for you to do your mentoring, especially given the
  pandemic, and will ask you questions about your mentoring if nothing
  seems to be happening.

Org admin responsibility to Google;

- we will be the communication liaison with Google, responding to
  anything they ask, reporting any participant agreement violations,
  and reporting student withdrawal,

- we will ensure deadlines are met; especially mentor evaluations,

- we will maintain our trusted, capable and qualified mentors,

- we will oversee the activity of all mentors and students and ensure
  you meet your responsibilities as well.

Roles and responsibilities;

James Cameron

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