[Sugar-devel] SLOB meeting notes 2020-12-23

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 15:41:02 EST 2020

== Meeting Minutes ==

Date: 2020-12-23

=== Role Call ===

Walter Bender
Jui Pradhan
Peace Ojemeh
Claudia Urrea
Ibiam Chihurumnaya

Samson Goody

Lionel Laské

=== Report from project representative (Conservancy liaison) ===
We need a new representative to replace Devin.
Claudia will assume this duty.

Walter (temporary)


=== Report from Ombudsman ===
Nothing from Pattie

=== Finance Report ===
Walter to prepare a report for the next meeting.

Report from Ibiam about his contract to manage activities.

=== Google Code-in Replacement Discussion ===

Samson will take the lead and will organize a separate series of
meetings with the goal 4-6 orgs in Q4 2021.

=== Sugar Labs Mission/Goals Discussion ===
What is our mission?

Sugar Labs® is a volunteer-driven member project of Software Freedom
Conservancy, a nonprofit corporation. Originally part of the One
Laptop Per Child project, Sugar Labs coordinates volunteers around the
world who are passionate about providing educational opportunities to
children through the Sugar Learning Platform. Sugar Labs® is supported
by donations and is seeking funding to accelerate development.

Sugar Labs produces, distributes, and supports the use of the Sugar
learning platform, a free software system that is freely available to
anyone who wants to use or extend it.

Claudia: Mission in the context of remote learning??? Small things we
can delivar... as oppose to being too ambitious to get anything done.

Claudia: periodic events... maybe every month an event??? Things that
are more scaffolded... respond to need.

Claudia: We mentor kids and get them to do something concrete.

Claudia: driven by something that is relevant... something we can commit to.

Walter: learning software and a learning community

What are our goals?

A place for people to learn about FOSS and great tools.

Sugar support for the existing OLPC deployments.
Sugarizer support for schools that use mobile technology.
Music Blocks for schools in Japan, kids in Peru, music teachers.

Do we want to concern ourselves with deployment?
If so, we need to be professional about it.

Do we want to use an OKR model?
Support on RPi, Sugar on a Stick on Ubuntu, Fedora, Trisquel

Jui: What is our Social Media story?
Samson reviewed the history. He will share the strategy doc.
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube...

=== Communication Channels ===
How do we want to communicate? IRC, Matrix, JITSI, Slack, all of the above?

Samson and Claudia recommend:

650 kids used discord with Claudia's project.
Samson uses it with GNOME.

To be discussed next time.

=== Time and Place of Next Meeting ===
2021 January 06 (Wednesday) at 19:30 UTC


Next time: bring to the table ideas for monthly project.

=== Closing ===



Walter Bender
Sugar Labs

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