[Sugar-devel] Today's Minutes and Next Meeting Time

Srevin Saju srevinsaju at sugarlabs.org
Fri Dec 11 10:09:55 EST 2020

On 12/11/20 5:34 PM, Martin Guy wrote:
> On 11/12/2020, James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org> wrote:
>> I agree that the mailing list should be mentioned as a priority.
> Just my two pennies' worth: I've never got on with IRC for
> technical/strategic discussions, as I find it occupies me totally and
> I can't do anything else, while I can go to email when I choose and
> give it all my useful (I hope!) attention, while with IRC I find I'm
> sitting there doing nothing most of the time, which I find
> frustrating. I guess that's because I only have one brain cell and am
> not able to flicker my attention between the IRC window and something
> else, though I've known many developers who find that mode a positive
> and enriching way to work.
> Use of IRC as a primary channel shuts me out, and unfortunately some
> "decisions" have been taken in past projects that, by the time I found
> out about them, were "decided", even though some of them had
> unfortunate consequences. By the time I arrived, it was "No, it's
> already been decided", without my input and "behind the scenes" from
> my viewpoint.

I agree. Unfortunately, right now, as our documentation says, IRC is our 
primary mode of communication (which, in real life, is not). We need to 
make sure that the "Mailing List" is documented as our primary mode of 
discussion and contact. This was the aim of the entire discussion, and 
not to migrate / move / replace any mode of communication. New users who 
aim to be contributors should be directed to this preferred mode of 

I will update the PR on https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar-docs 
accordingly, by the next SLOBS we would possibly come to a conclusion.

> For something like a programmed meeting (e.g. SLOB meetings) of
> course, the immediacy is ideal, and I'm sure timezone differences can
> be accommodated for by choosing the right time of day.
> So I'd say each has its place, but they are not in competition
>     M
> PS I didn't know about Matrix and all the other good things the
> Federated Networks Association is doing. Thanks for the pointer!

Srevin Saju

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