[Sugar-devel] Sugarizer Knowledge Activity Pack meeting [21 Aug]

Dhruv Misra dhruvmisra at live.com
Fri Aug 21 13:11:05 EDT 2020

Hey there,

I had the weekly meeting with my mentor Lionel today i.e. 21 Aug at 16H30 UTC.

We discussed the persistence of context and the functionality to let organizer join back in Vote. In the end we decided to also add the tutorial and Fullscreen mode to Vote.

  *   Tasks from last week:
     *   Fixed the existing bugs in Vote
     *   Added default template questions in Vote
     *   Completed ODT/DOC generation

  *   Issues encountered last week: None

  *   Tasks for next week:
     *   Add the play button (in settings mode) in Curriculum
     *   Add a way to persist the context and let organizer join back in Vote
     *   Add tutorial and Fullscreen mode to Vote

Dhruv Misra

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