[Sugar-devel] Updates: Python3 app store (aslov4)

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Fri Apr 24 17:13:10 EDT 2020

Hello everyone,

I have prepared prototype for:
a) client-side search engine which work even when html file is opened in browser (without any localhost server). Browsers now (Firefox since v68) restrict any direct calls requesting files (index) if html file is opened from local drive. So, only option is to load index every time by including src in page html. However defer its loading so that it doesn't slow page loading. Once page is loaded than index can load in background.

b) script to generate website using website template and activity bundles directory i.e. method to build index and activity page, extract activity icon and copy activity bundle to website.

A demo of it is available at: https://activities.radii.page/
Repository is available at: https://github.com/free-libre-software/sugarappstore and https://radii.dev/sugarlabs/appstore

Further information such as how to use and design choices are available in repository's README.md page. Please read through it.Also, please review code (even though its rough for prototype) and give feedback. If any significant change need to be made with coding such as coding style, structuring etc. than now is a good time to let me know.

I request everyone to download repo, try and give your feedback. It should not take more than 10 mins to test if you already have lots of activity bundles. Anyone who wish to do code contribution is welcomed. The faster we are able to build, the sooner people can use it.

I have few suggestions for aslo (activities.sugarlabs.com). I will try to raise issue on its repository if I get some time available. Otherwise, I will directly send pull request when free. Issues are very simple. So, if someone wants to take initiative than please do:
1) Redirect http -> https version where browser supports
2) Since Fedora 32 SoaS final version is about to be released which will not support python2 activities, we need to redirect them to new app store (when basic functionalities built). also uses Apache server as backend and here are three different scenarios to choose from:
    a) (good) redirect only users landing at home page to new website by editing .htaccess file in directory
    b) (Best) a) + redirect per activity bases as well to activity page on new website
    c) (bad) redirect users from all pages to home page of new app store. Will require editing virtual host config in Apache.
3) Activities download over http even when on https page. At least download  links are not hard coded to http urls. So, it could be somewhere in the backend code. Some other urls are hard coded though. If its static website (I doubt) than we can write simple script to convert all http url to protocol unspecified or https based on some logic (for eg. not all external links can be directed to https like what if some  website do not support https).

I will not be contributing next week as I have few school due dates in coming days and I have to work on improving them. So, you can expect next update on weekend after that.

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