[Sugar-devel] [IAEP] From OLPC XO To Positivo: Rwanda Sets The Bar Higher

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Mon Nov 25 03:40:00 EST 2019

The current school year in Rwanda is just ending and the new year starts 
January 6. The Positivos have been distributed to GS (Groupe Scolaire) 
schools which are public with grades from entry to S3 (9th grade).

The ICT Curriculum is based on Windows - with some planned expansion to 
include mobile techniques. The Positivos are distributed with Windows 10 
installed.  Neither the Positivos or XOs currently include touch screen 

Note: as far as I know, Rwanda is the largest still active XO 
deployment. The need is to find a bridge between the student's three 
years of primary school XO experience and their further ICT 
instruction.The Positivo hard drive is large enough to support an 
Ubuntu/Sugar install alongside.. Some teachers are making this install 
on their own initiative. The article hints that Rwanda may take official 
advantage of this opportunity.

I am currently in Rwanda working with Care 4 Kids, a German philanthropy 
supporting the use of the XO. Care 4 Kids provides interns - local A 
Level graduates in ICT to selected schools. In 2019 these interns 
supported five GS schools in Kigali province (XO ICT enrollment in the 
thousands). In 2020, there will be five two-person teams of interns. 
Four teams supporting  a school in one of the provinces and working with 
teachers from five surrounding schools. The Kigali team will continue to 
support the five 2019 schools. Their support provided in the native 
language has proven effective and popular.


On 25/11/2019 01:56, James Cameron wrote:
> Thanks Samson.
> For Sugar Labs, the most important part is "the machines will have the
> same modules (interface) for children lesson," so there's an
> opportunity for Sugar Labs to remain involved.
> I don't know what operating system REB are using, but OLPC OS 18.04.0
> based on Ubuntu 18.04.2 and Sugar will likely work straight away on
> PC-compatible laptops, and can be customised and rebuilt.  Our OLPC
> servers do see update requests from countries were we have not
> distributed our PC-compatible laptops, which is cool.
> On Sun, Nov 24, 2019 at 12:17:21PM +0100, Samson Goddy wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I saw this article online, and I thought it should be an interesting read[1].
>> [1][1]https://ktpress.rw/2019/11/
>> from-olpc-xo-to-positivo-rwanda-sets-the-bar-higher/
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>> References:
>> [1] https://ktpress.rw/2019/11/from-olpc-xo-to-positivo-rwanda-sets-the-bar-higher/
>> [2] https://twitter.com/samson_goddy
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