[Sugar-devel] GitHub Python projects review

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Nov 22 19:29:48 EST 2019

We use the Projects tab on the Sugar Labs GitHub organisation to track
ongoing modernisation of Sugar and activities caused by changes to


Rather than create issues, which has been shown to be a waste of
everybody's time, search patterns are used to identify the code that
needs changing.

Three months ago I checked the search hits, and I've checked them
again just now to assess progress;

* Port to GTK 3, at least 200 hits, down from 201,

* Port from GObject to GLib, at least 121 hits, down from 125,

* Port to TelepathyGLib, at least 68 hits, down from 72,

* Port from GConf, at least 48 hits, no change,

At this rate, we will take several years to complete these known
changes.  Further changes are required and are now being tracked;

* Port from Gst.Message.Structure, at least 38 hits,

* Port to Python 3, at least 242 hits,

Some changes aren't exactly required, but we have prior warning of
them in GTK documentation;

* Port from Gdk.Color to Gdk.RGBA, more than 255 hits.

Of all these projects, the most important are Port to Python 3, which for
many activities may require Port to GTK 3 and Port to TelepathyGLib.

This is all part of activity maintenance, which is described here;

An exciting challenge for everyone!

James Cameron
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